TechReady is a joint program between Bell Aliant and Home Builders’ Associations that trains builders such as ourselves to properly wire new homes for current and future technology.

The TechReady brand assures you that your home has been wired by our trained professionals for the latest communications technology in voice, video and data. As people embrace technology at an increasing rate, they expect to be able to incorporate it into their everyday lives, and their homes are no exception to this rule. The TechReady program is designed to train industry professionals to fulfill the lifestyle needs of the consumers. While not all TechReady homes are the same, each is built to a set of standards that must be met in order for the home to be certified. Most importantly, each TechReady home has structured cabling.


Unlike conventional cabling, structured systems provide maximum flexibility for users to move voice, data and video services throughout their home. In addition, the homes have a minimum of five television outlets and 11 outlets for devices such as phone, Internet, computer, voice over IP, Bell Aliant TV and Internet ready gaming devices; that’s twice as many connection points than a conventionally built home.

For the homeowners that want more technology in their homes, TechReady can rise to those expectations. By consulting with us during the planning and design stage of your home, homebuyers can add any number of additional options, including provisions for satellite television, home theatre, whole home audio, home security, remote access, home controls, and much more.

By building TechReady, you are able to build tomorrow’s home – today.

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