Pricing Commitment

For many people the most important consideration when planning to build a new home is the price. At Stonewater, we pride ourselves on building homes of superior quality and value that will provide our clients with a safe investment over time. Our prices are GUARANTEED! When you purchase a Stonewater home, you can rest assured that the contract price of your home will not change during construction. That is a commitment you can bank on.

The million dollar question of course…how much? We are often asked about our “cost per square foot” price. We do not price our home by the square foot as no two homes are the same. The pricing process at Stonewater is much more detail orientated than simply multiplying the square footage of the home by a pre-determined average cost. We have developed a process for pricing homes that ensures our clients obtain an accurate price for the home and specifications they select.

Our design and pricing process is as follows:


Design Needs Consultation

Contact us to discuss your building plans and arrange a meeting at our design centre or one of our model homes.

Building Plan Details

Meet with one of our sales people to discuss your building plans, location, home style etc. If you have building plans already then we will review them with you. If you don’t already have the plans then we can review are library of plans or search online for a plan that meets your needs.


Written Estimate

We will provide an estimate for the home you have selected on the lot of your choice.


Written Contract

If the estimate is acceptable then we will prepare a written contract for your new home. At this time we will draw the final set of building plans that will be available for you to review prior to construction commencing.

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