Five Very Good Reasons to Buy A New Home


Resale Homes Can Be Expensive to Own

Renovations and repairs are expensive and stressful! They also do not often create a return on the investment. Very few home improvements will give you 100 percent of the cost back when you sell. Every component in your home has a life-span. Even working on a few small projects each year will really add up. You could be faced with replacing doors, windows, appliances, water heaters – even the roof. When you purchase a new Stonewater Home you will have 7 years of New Home Warranty coverage and an ease of maintenance that allows you to have more time to enjoy your home and your life.


A Resale Home Was Built For Someone Else

Every home was new once. But a resale home was ultimately built for someone else. Someone else may have chosen the floor plan, the fixtures and flooring. They made these choices based on their family and their tastes.

When you have a new Stonewater home built for you- you get to make the choices. You get to go over home plans and choose what’s best for you. You can make custom changes that better suit your family’s needs. Imagine everything in your home being exactly the way you want it! You can have wiring perfectly placed throughout the home for outlets where you want them, wiring for your surround sound in the entertainment room.

Your master bedroom can be your personal, private oasis with the tile in the ensuite you love- perfection.

Your home is a reflection of yourself- why should someone else make the decisions for you?


Older Homes Are Often Less Efficient

A home that’s built today is built to higher energy standards. Stonewater Homes is proud to have an average EnerGuide rating of 84, which is among the highest in the industry, well above the Nova Scotia averages. Less than 10% of homes in Nova Scotia receive an EnerGuide rating of 84+, proof that we believe in providing top quality, energy efficient homes.

Homes built 10 or 20 years ago often have older windows, doors, walls, less insulation and are generally less efficient. It can be a lot of work and money to get an older home up to snuff. Even an old water heater can run up your energy bills. It all adds up.


New Homes Are Built With Modern Safety Features

Building standards and codes are higher than they used to be. Nowadays builders install hard-wired carbon monoxide and smoke detectors into new homes. Plus materials are now designed with modern fire retardants built in- adding a higher level of safety.


Your New Stonewater Home is Brand New and Under Warranty

All of our homes come with a 7-Year New Home Warranty! Plus, your appliances also come with individual warranties. A new home offers peace of mind. Plus, your home’s warranty is transferable. That will really help boost your resale value.

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